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Probation Violations: What You Need To Know

Following the conditions of your probation to the letter is vital to retaining your freedom, yet this can be more difficult than it sounds. If you are convicted for violating the terms of your probation, the judge could sentence you to the maximum penalty for the crime on which you were originally convicted. If you sit in jail for very long without a bond you could lose your employment no matter how innocent you actually may be.

Under these circumstances it is crucial that you be represented by a Sarasota criminal lawyer experienced in fighting a probation violation charge.

Probation Violation Lawyer in Bradenton & Sarasota

The two kinds of violations which a person might be charged with are the commission of a new offense whether a misdemeanor or a felony and a technical violation. Each of these can be successfully defended depending upon the circumstances. If the violation charge stems from a new offense, an acquittal or dismissal of the charge for this offense would be grounds to have the violation charge dropped. In the case of a technical violation such as missing a probation meeting, the prosecution must prove that you willfully and materially committed this violation.

Some examples of technical violations are, changing your address without permission, being late to a probation meeting and not completing court-order classes. An experienced probation violation lawyer with the firm is very knowledgeable in the effective defense strategies which can result in a positive outcome.

Your future, your freedom and retaining your livelihood is important. It is worth fighting for. Your case could be successfully defended on the basis of the prosecutor's inability to prove the violation, actual innocence or you were in full compliance or other effective defenses. A skilled criminal defense lawyer at the firm is aggressive in fighting for a client. Call The Miller Law Firm to discuss your case.

Contact a Sarasota probation violation attorney at the firm for sound advice and a vigorous defense.