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About Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug trafficking is considered a major problem in the United States; therefore the punishments that could result from trafficking drugs can be exceedingly harsh if an individual is convicted. Laws are very strict when it comes to this drug crime offenses that include selling illegal substances, even in small quantities, and law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, judges, and juries do not look very favorably on those who stand accused of drug trafficking. Drug trafficking consists of the manufacture, possession, delivery, or sale of specific drugs over a specified quantity.

An individual will usually be charged with an offense of this nature when the quantity of drugs found in his or her possession exceeds the amount stipulated in a Bradenton drug distribution charge. A conviction usually results in a mandatory three years to life in prison based on the quantity and type of drugs found in the accused individual's possession. Because of the severe punishments and unforgiving attitude associated with drug trafficking charges, it is absolutely essential to seek out a Sarasota criminal attorney immediately if you stand accused of this serious offense.

Why hire a drug trafficking attorney in Sarasota?

Attorney Scott Miller takes drug trafficking charges very seriously because he knows how devastating a conviction could be for an individual and his or her friends and family. With a drug trafficking charge hanging over your head, even after serving jail time it will be exceedingly difficult to find a good job, qualify for apartments or housing, and get approved for a loan or other financial assistance.

Because the repercussions are severe and long lasting, you should hire an attorney with experience handling these kinds of cases and a strong grasp of the laws and circumstances surrounding drug trafficking charges. The Miller Law Firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of its clients and safeguarding the future and freedom of any individual facing difficult and overwhelming times.

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