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Out of State DUI: Fort Wayne DUI Defense Attorney

Fort Wayne Lawyer for DUI Charges Filed Against Visitors to Fort Wayne

What happens if you find yourself under arrest for drunk driving but you live in a different state? The answer to that will depend on several factors. The laws pertaining to DUI can be quite complex in themselves. If you find yourself with a drunk driving charge in our state but you are from another state, it's critical to contact an attorney in Fort Wayne to help you. I am Gregory A. Miller, and my criminal defense law firm has the experience and knowledge to help you. I have been practicing since 1997 and utilize my knowledge and experience to fight for you and procure the best outcome possible.

The Driver's License Compact, or the Interstate Driver's License Compact, is an agreement between most states where they share information regarding traffic violations, including DUI. If you live in State A but are arrested for drunk driving in State B, the violation will be communicated to the authorities in your home state. You could receive the penalties, upon conviction, that apply in the state where you were arrested, even if they are different from your home state's laws. Once you have finished your sentencing and other penalties, you could face further penalties from your own state. These could include your license being revoked and more jail time as well.

Fighting Hard to Protect Your Rights: Fort Wayne DUI Lawyer

You are going to need knowledgeable, skilled legal help if you are from out of state and arrested for DUI in our state. A conviction can mean that you are fined and jailed in the state where the violation occurred. Your license can be suspended in the state where the DUI occurred but not taken away. Your home state can take away your license, however.

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