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Case Results

The Miller Law Firm, P.A. has handled hundreds of cases successfully, protecting the rights and futures of the accused. Read some of our case results to learn how we've helped our clients move forward with their lives. If you've been accused of a crime, turn to an aggressive and experienced attorney from our firm. Attorney Scott Miller can put his 25+ years of experience to work for you.

  • Charge Reduced
    Felony Driving on a Suspended License
    CF 10817: Criminal Defense Lawyer Scott Miller was retained to represent his client charged with Felony Driving on a Suspended License. If convicted, the client would have spent time in jail and suffered a five year license suspension by the DHSMV. Mr. Miller ran his client's record and was able to challenge certain notice requirements. As a result, the charge was substantially reduced, no jail time was ordered, and the client was able to reinstate his license to legally drive.
  • Charges Dropped
    Violating a Domestic Injunction

    MM 874: Charge of Violating a Domestic Injunction dropped against Mr. Miller's client. The client was going through a contested divorce, and the spouse alleged Mr. Miller's client violated a Circuit Court Judge's Order from an earlier Court Hearing. Mr. Miller immediately filed a "Not Guilty" plea on behalf of his client, gathered all the police reports prepared by the arresting officer, and began preparing a vigorous defense. By the time the client's scheduled arraignment date came, the prosecutor declined to file any formal charge against Mr. Miller's client. No court appearance was necessary.

  • Charges Dropped
    Domestic Battery

    MM 761 Domestic Battery charge dropped against Mr. Miller's client. Mr. Miller was retained to defend his client arrested for Domestic Battery. Mr. Miller immediately contacted the alleged victim in the case to determine his version of the facts. Mr. Miller also contacted the assigned prosecutor to discuss information lacking in the police reports. The charge was dropped before the client's arraignment date, therefore a court appearance by the client was not necessary.

  • Probationary Sentence

    CT 724: Mr. Miller's client avoids jail after third arrest for DUI. The client retained Mr. Miller to represent him regarding DUI arrests in 2005 and 2012. In the 2005 arrest, Mr. Miller filed a motion to suppress evidence and prepared the case for trial. On the morning of jury selection, the prosecutor offered to reduce the charge and the client accepted a plea deal that involved short probation. In the most recent 2012 DUI arrest, the prosecutor initially offered the client a plea that involved a lengthy jail sentence. Mr. Miller negotiated a plea and also involved the judge regarding an appropriate sentence. The Judge sentenced Mr. Miller's client to a probationary sentence and avoided any jail whatsoever.

  • Charges Dropped
    Child Abuse & Battery

    CF 2835: Two counts of Child Abuse and one count of Battery dropped by the State Attorney's Office against Mr. Miller's client. Experienced Defense Lawyer Scott Miller was retained to defend his client charged with two counts of Child Abuse and one count of Battery. Mr. Miller filed a "not guilty" plea on behalf of his client, excercised his client's right to a fair and speedy trial, and contacted the assigned prosecutor to provide exonerating evidence. Ultimately, the prosecutor dropped all charges and Mr. Miller's client never made a court appearance.

  • Reduced Time

    CF 1481: Mr. Miller’s client was arrested and charged by Information with a third offense DUI. The State Attorney’s Office offered to the Defendant a plea offer that included six months in the county jail. Because the facts of the case led Mr. Miller to believe a jury would convict his client, Mr. Miller recommended a sentencing hearing to his client. Mr. Miller prepared a sentencing hearing, and presented evidence to the judge on behalf of his client. Ultimately, the judge sentenced the Defendant to fifteen consecutive weekends in the county jail. This type of sentence allowed Mr. Miller’s client to maintain her employment, and was considerably less than the prosecutor’s recommendation to the Court.