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Miller Law Gets Results in a Criminal Case

A recent client of Miller Law had come to the firm after being represented by another lawyer for 9 months. The case involved a charge of felony battery that had been filed after an altercation that took place in a Sarasota restaurant on New Year's Eve. The former attorney had advised the client to enter a plea. The client in the case would have suffered very serious consequences, and would have been unable to continue working in his profession if he had agreed to a plea bargain. Instead, he contacted Miller Law, P.C. in Sarasota.

When Attorney Scott Miller took over the case, he got instantly involved in getting the case under control, and one of his first actions was to put the prosecuting attorney on notice with a list of defense witnesses that would be brought to trial. Within one short month of Mr. Miller taking on the case, the criminal charges were completely dropped by the prosecutor, and the client was able to walk away without further concerns or legal troubles.

It makes a difference who you hire to represent you. Did you know that many attorneys prefer not to go to court and fight for an acquittal? There are innocent people who are urged to take a plea bargain as it is "safer" and there will be a shorter sentence or other type of perceived advantage. You don't want to hire a criminal defense lawyer that doesn't want to fight for you in court. If you are represented by a law firm that is urging you to take a plea deal when it would not best serve your interests, it is advised that you move on and get another law firm on your side.

Miller Law, P.C. is located in Sarasota, Florida, and founding attorney Scott Miller has a reputation as a tough and effective trial lawyer for criminal defense. He is a former prosecutor with extensive trial experience and knowledge.

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