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Sarasota Expungement Attorney

Expunging an Offense from Your Criminal Record

Having a criminal record can make life very difficult even for an individual who has only one minor offense to their name. In most instances, whenever an individual applies for a new job, tries to find an apartment or housing, or seeks out a bank loan or other financial assistance, those institutions, companies, landlords, or businesses will invariably require a background check to ascertain the reliability of your character. If you have a previous criminal conviction, that offense will show up on your criminal record, making finding a god job, being approved for housing, and getting a loan exceedingly difficult.

No matter what your previous offense may have been or how many offenses you have on your criminal record, it is a very good idea to try to have your record cleared. The process by which an individual's record gets wiped clean is called expungement. If you have a criminal record that you would like expunged, you should seek out the advice and guidance of a qualified Sarasota criminal attorney to discuss the possibilities of having your record wiped clean.

Talk to an expungement attorney in Bradenton

At the Miller Law Firm, Attorney Scott Miller can answer any questions you may have about the expungement process. He will review your previous offense or offenses and tell you probability of having these offenses cleared from your record. With years of experience defending clients in Bradenton against criminal charges and protecting their futures from the negative consequences of those charges, he knows exactly how the process of expungement works and has a deep knowledge of the laws and circumstances surrounding this sometimes complicated process. Only one offense can be expunged from your record at a time and a number of factors can influence the success of your attempt, such as the amount of time that has passed since the offense and the seriousness of the offense. A clean record is an invaluable asset in any individual's life; do not hesitate to call the firm today.

Contact a Sarasota expungement attorney to have your criminal record wiped clean.

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