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Sarasota DUI Attorney

Failed a field sobriety test?

If you or a loved one were accused of drunk driving, it is imperative to contact a Sarasota criminal attorney. Not only could you risk losing your driving privileges, but you could be facing jail or prison time as well. DUI or driving under the influence is a misdemeanor or felony driving offense that is taken very seriously in Florida. In many cases, the results of your field sobriety test heavily affect the outcome of your case. However, what many people do not realize it that these tests are not one hundred percent accurate. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are three main standardized tests used in the U.S.

  • Walk and Turn Test: This tests the driver's concentration by dividing their attention. The driver is required to follow instructions by the law enforcement officer successfully. They are told to take nine steps along a straight line while counting out loud.
  • One Leg Stand: This is another divided attention test. The suspected drunk driver is asked to balance on one foot while counting out loud for up to thirty seconds. If they cannot maintain their balance, the officer could arrest them for DUI.
  • HGN Test: HGN stands for Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus and refers to the involuntary jerking of the eye that can take place when an individual is under the influence of alcohol. By asking the suspect to follow an object with their eyes, the police officer can ascertain whether or not they are inebriated.

Contact a Sarasota DUI lawyer!

Although field sobriety tests can be helpful in regard to determining if an individual has been drinking, there are other reasons for failing one of these tests. You should not be punished based on an inaccurate test and the team at Miller Law Firm is dedicated to examining every aspect of the evidence against you. A Sarasota DUI attorney has experience in the medical and scientific aspects of DUI cases and will put their years of experience to help you. With a former prosecutor on their team, you can be confident that they have what it takes to help you.

For more information, contact a Sarasota DUI attorney from the Miller Law Firm as soon as possible.

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