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Sarasota Felony DUI Attorney

Defense for Felony DUI Cases

Individuals can benefit from the legal services of The Miller Law Firm when charged with serious criminal offenses. A defendant may face the fight of his or her life when charged with a felony DUI making it necessary to have a strong defense from an attorney knowledgeable in criminal law. The penalties for a DUI conviction are significant and can include imprisonment, large fines and court costs, long-term probation, vehicle impound, revocation of a driver's license, alcohol evaluation and treatment programs, community service, and the penalties imposed by a judge.

A driver facing serious felony DUI charges needs to contact a Sarasota criminal lawyer before making possible incriminating statements to the authorities. Attorney Scott Miller utilizes his prior experience as a prosecutor and brings that understanding of the other side of law into his defense practice. He was successfully involved in high profile felony cases. He understands how the prosecution builds a case, giving him the advantage when defending his clients in the criminal court system.

About Felony DUIs in Bradenton

A felony conviction can change the life of a person and adversely affect certain rights and freedoms. An offender may face a job loss, and inability to seek a career in the military, law enforcement, or other types of jobs that require a level of trust. An individual may face the loss of a professional or medical license and other legal ramifications from a felony DUI conviction. Each DUI occurrence is different with its own set of circumstances but a felony DUI is more significant and can include:

  • Hit and run or leaving the scene of accident
  • Caused an accident with injuries or fatalities
  • One prior felony DUI conviction
  • Three or more DUI priors or driving on a suspended license

A Sarasota DUI attorney could get your charges dropped!

Defense attorneys have the right to challenge all evidence presented to the court by the prosecution. The prosecution often relies on sobriety and blood alcohol tests, arrest reports and procedures, witness statements, victim statements, forensics and other evidence relevant to the DUI. The tests are often unreliable when administered in the open on the side of the road and in uncontrolled conditions. Attorney Scott Miller offers professional services and an aggressive defense against serious felony DUI allegations. Make an appointment today for a consultation with a felony DUI defense lawyer.

Contact a Sarasota felony DUI attorney for effective defense against DUI charges.

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